A designer and writer living in Manhattan

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My superpower is bringing together different types of information— whether its statistics, stories, or philosophy — in my design process to create valuable and joyful experiences.

I'm happiest when I'm sketching out different user flows, and getting prototypes into the hands of users.  

I love seeing how people use what I design. I delight in being surprised by what they do and how they think.

I care deeply about how my work impacts others, from my teammates to users and beyond.

I've always been obsessed with finding new ways to solve old problems. From working in social impact, to testing my own startup idea, to helping companies apply UX for growth, I always looked for challenges that push me to learn as I go.

I love teaching people about design and empowering them to use it in their own work and lives.

In my free time I volunteer with The Women of Color UX Design Course, and write.

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A little about me

I'm all about the how & why behind design decisions. I'm happiest when I'm using research to design detailed interactions and user flows. I create joyful experiences.

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