A designer living in Manhattan

my biggest strengths

UX advocacy & relationship building

Through facilitated workshops & intentional conversations, I help teams understand the value of UX, build a strong emotional connection to users, and work together towards a high-value solutions.

Finding signal v. noise

I love getting immersed in user interviews, finding patterns, problems, & opportunities. I enjoy working with PM and engineering teammates to narrow down the key business questions we need to answer, and how we can address those questions through a variety of discovery methods.

Systems thinking

I love understanding how team & user outcomes are often the function of multiple variables. I like thinking through problems at the system level, project level, and individual level before arriving at potential solutions.

Creating lightweight processes that work for teams

I like to show my work and the work of my team. I enjoy finding tools and easy processes that allow teams to work faster and more joyfully. I am allergic to copying and pasting.

A little about me

I'm all about the how & why behind design decisions. I'm happiest when I'm using research to design detailed interactions and user flows. I create joyful experiences.

What others say

my design story

Summer 2015
Get some money to test a business idea. The idea fails, but I’m surprised by how much I loved making the website.
December 2016
Graduate early with a bachelor’s degree in business. I like the idea of building things but I’m not sure exactly what I want to do yet. Decide to try marketing since I love writing and get to use my graphic design skills.  
January 2017
Collaborate with an engineer at my company on the design of our app, learn what UX is and immediately become obsessed. Start a freelance design business.
August 2017
Start working with a product design mentor to build out my UX portfolio & skillset. Continue freelance work.  
October 2018
Begin my product design role at Tailwind on a customer-facing squad with PM & engineers. Start volunteering as a mentor with SheDesigns to help others make the same career switch I did.

mottos that guide my work

✶ Put relationships first

✶ Do things before I’m ready

✶ Stay low ego

✶ Own all my biases

✶ Think on a system level

more about me...

I’m a UX leader and educator

✶ I’ve been mentoring through She Designs - The Women of Color UX Design Course for nearly 3 years. I’ve also taught UX design classes and mentored America on Tech students
✶ I’ve conducted several company-wide workshops for 70+ people
✶ I’ve presented on topics like:
· Why we don’t design for mantis shrimp: visual accessibility basics
· What diversity, equity, & inclusion mean for the product development process
· Mind games: cognitive psychology for UX design

I have a unique combination of business and design expertise, plus a comfort with front-end dev & love for collaborating with engineers.

✶ I like clarifying the intersection of business, design, and engineering. I enjoy aligning value across those functions.
✶ I’m obsessed with using design to answer the most important questions for a company.  
✶ I’m an excellent facilitator who can get large, cross-functional groups to engage in high-impact conversations.

In my free time I write poetry and creative nonfiction. My work has been published in the magazines Blue Earth Review, Pithead Chapel, Juxtaprose, Sunspot Lit, and Feminine Collective.

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