My values shape my design process. Different projects have different design needs, but all my projects share the same general phases.

design values

purpose > plans
The ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ behind a choice matters more to me than the choice itself.
everyone makes design decisions
My role is to guide the whole team towards making intentional, high-quality design decisions.
people > deliverables
I foster psychological safety, wellbeing, and impact through my work, centering those with marginalized identities.
build for the margins to build for everyone
Accessible design is great design. The curb cut out effect is underutilized.

my process

It's not always tidy & linear, but all my design projects cycle through these 4 major phases:

1) researching what problems to solve
2) brainstorming and scoping potential solutions
3) designing the right level of fidelity for the unknowns
4) measuring the design against success criteria

‚ú∂ Problem defined
✶ Product requirement doc drafted with PM & tech lead

‚ú∂ Interviews
‚ú∂ Surveys
‚ú∂ Personas
‚ú∂ Competitive Analysis ‚Äć
‚ú∂ Affinity Mapping
‚ú∂ JBTD analysis
‚ú∂ User Stories

‚ú∂ Hypothesis defined
‚ú∂ Key risks identified cross-functionally
Value Risks, Usability Risks, Feasibility Risks
‚ú∂ Discovery plan defined
Clarify scope & choose validation methods to address key risks


✶ Workshop: Product principles
Cross-functionally align on key aspects of the overall product
✶ Workshop: Ideal customer journey  
‚ú∂ User flows
‚ú∂ Research plan for key questions
e.g. customer interviews to test value &/or usability

‚ú∂ Hypothesis validated/invalidated
‚ú∂ Most impactful next steps uncovered

‚ú∂ Product usage data analysis
✶ NPS analysis
‚ú∂ A/B test analysis
✶ Backlog of UX issues ranked by scale, user impact, & business impact
‚ú∂ Regular check-ins with customer success team to hear what kind of feedback they are receiving